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Vargo Decagon Titanium Alcohol Backpacking Stove

Vargo Decagon Titanium Alcohol Backpacking Stove

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Vargo Decagon Titanium Alcohol Backpacking Stove 1.2oz

The Vargo Decagon Stove is the simplest ultralight alcohol stove we’ve seen. There are no moving parts to loose or break, it’s pretty much idiot proof so you can light it in the dark, and it really works very well! 

Just pour the denatured alcohol fuel in the center well area, light it, let it prime itself for about one or two minutes, then like magic the flame gets sucked up and out the side holes. The flame is distributed evenly and it will burn for about 15 minutes on 1.2 oz of fuel.

We boiled 24 ounces of water in a stainless steel mug in 10 minutes. That's enough for one mug of hot Joe and a Noodle Dinner!

Manufacturers Description: The titanium Decagon stove was designed to be a sturdy alcohol stove that can withstand the abuse of being used everyday while hiking for many months.  There are no movable parts and the large center hole makes filling the stove a snap.

Once primed, simply place your pot directly on top of the stove covering the filling hole.  The bottom "stability plate" keeps the stove stable and prevents your pot from tipping.

Weight: 1.2 oz.
Burn Time: 15 Minutes
Bottom stability plate = 4.25 inches diameter
Height = 1.25 inches
Main canister = 2.25 inches diameter